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Cultivating a sustainable community

Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal #2 Zero Hunger and building a sustainable ecosystem, Iskandar NEXT is ready to train the community of Iskandar Puteri in a variety of skills such as composting, monitoring, sampling, and testing. 


In collaboration with Majlis Bandaraya Iskandar Puteri, PasarKita, and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. IPAC initiative program intends to build a community of enthusiastic urban farmers to achieve traction in redefining and spreading urban farming knowledge. A programme designed to cultivate and introduce like-minded members of society to Urban Farming in order to establish a sustainable community.


A plot of land managed by Pasarkita at Medini Green Park will become the epicentre of IPAC activities in line with Pasarkita's commitment to ensuring that all crops planted are pesticide-free.

By encouraging the community to cultivate their own urban farm, they can increase food security by providing healthy and affordable alternatives to store-bought food; and households that engage in urban farming are more likely to have access to a greater variety of nutrient-dense foods from their harvest.


Making Iskandar Puteri an agricultural community from homegrown urban farmers to provide a healthier option for self-consumption or commercialization and eventually transforming Johor into the nation's primary food production hub is the path to success for healthier community and economic growth.


IPAC also strives to portray IIB as a responsible, community-supporting organisation through a talent development programme that enables certified urban farmers to become project leads in local areas.  


IPAC program module

Iskandar NEXT is committed to enhancing food security through educating and upskilling the community with diverse skills, including composting, monitoring, sampling, and testing.


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