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Leading the way for innovation, imagination and creation - Wawari is where sustainable living is reimagined and building new futures begin. It will be a diverse, vibrant and independent township nestled in between rich flora and fauna of the land.


Leading the sustainability agenda

Embracing the calm meandering of two historical rivers along with majestic mangroves that line the stretching riverbanks, Wawari is the forefront of sustainability as it maintains the eco-continuum of nature within a modern living space.

With possibilities powered by unmatched liveability and economic prospects, Wawari will pave the way for a new era of living standards for generations to come. 

We stand to create sustainable opportunities through these shared pillars:



Offering a rich and diverse experience through the preservation of nature and enriching experiences.



Wawarians will experience an integrated community that flows with one another and thrives together.



Wawari will be the centre of collaboration for innovators and change makers to come together in creating a new sustainable reality.


A beacon of eco-conscious living

Staying true to its mantra to minimise environmental impact, Wawari comes equipped with efficient unified technology that turns resources such as water, energy and waste into useful input - effectively altering the narrative of eco-conscious living.

Everything you’ll need in one place

Surrounded by matured neighbourhoods, institutions, government offices, and many more other lifestyle and leisure facilities —  discover an interconnected ecosystem like no other.

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