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Unearthing hidden gems through dedicated education programmes

We have curated a series of educational programs that are aligned with a core objective of the Ninth Malaysia Plan — to promote the country as a center of academic excellence. An example of how we seek to fulfill this promise is by EduCity Iskandar Academy (EIA).

This one-stop center offers end-to-end talent management services, bespoke learning and development programs. Centered on the philosophy of guaranteeing “the right skills for the right talents at the right time,” EIA has established a sandbox ecosystem that comes complete with a living lab to support industry-academia collaboration. In addition, the Academy also coordinates and runs education-related projects aimed at ensuring a sustainable education ecosystem across Asia.

We also support the Malaysian Government’s efforts to revive the economy through human capital growth. As such, we’ve introduced PERANTIS ISKANDAR, a program that’s inspired by Germany’s Apprenticeship. Specifically, it features reskilling and upskilling initiatives driven by making specific that the country’s youth are employed by “the right industries with the right salary.”

We have also teamed up with the global logistics company, DHL, to set up the first DHL Applied Analytics (DAA) hub in Johor. Located in Medini Iskandar Malaysia, this hub is the logistics company’s first exclusive office outside of Singapore to host business development and networking meetings. Interestingly, this hub also provides local talent exposure and training in data analysis, which will play a pivotal role in building a digital ecosystem.

Moreover, we have founded the Johor Digital & Emerging Talent Technology Program (JDETT). This program targets to create high-salary job opportunities within the digital and emerging technology economic sphere in Johor. The nurturing of homegrown talent will maintain a continuous supply of human resources that support the rapid growth of the state’s digital workforce while reducing reliance on imported skilled workers.

For instance, JDETT has opened numerous job openings at the Blockchain Village@Medini and Drone and Robotics Zone (DRZ) Iskandar. Graduates of the program have also been given the opportunity to showcase their capabilities when hosting events at Iskandar NEXT. These include L’Etape Malaysia by Tour de France, Rimba Raid@Iskandar, and the IGNITE conference.

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