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Be the wind beneath the wings of success with our Junior Drone Pilot Program

To stimulate a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for future generations, Iskandar Investment Berhad is committed to building communities.

In collaboration with Avitex Solution (M) Sdn Bhd, Drone STEM Program (DSP) was initiated to explore the potential of building a community around the interest of drones, robotics, technology and innovation. With today’s technological surge in the use of drones for various industries such as agriculture and logistics, this program aims to equip the current generation with the tools to succeed in an ever-evolving, challenging landscape filled with opportunities.

Avitex Solution (M) Sdn Bhd is the commercial arm of Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia’s Department of Aeronautical Engineering Aircraft Structure for the Southern Drone School (SDS).

The Junior Drone Pilot Program is the maiden phase of this initiative, which focuses on the STEM program that covers areas such as safety and drone knowledge.

This programme is specially designed for primary and secondary school students who wish to learn about the rapidly growing drone and aerial system industry.

With cutting-edge professional training facilities at DRZ Iskandar @ Iskandar Puteri, a highly-experienced team of expert instructors and sophisticated advanced equipment, expect a highly proficient upcoming-drone-pilot in the future!


Junior Pilot Drone Program Module

Iskandar Investment Berhad is committed towards empowering the next generation to be future-ready with competency ranging across drones, robotics, technology and innovation which will be covered in the Junior Pilot Drone Program.

Drone piloting 101

Discover the very basics of operating a drone, from assembling its parts to getting it off the ground, and returning it back safely to the returning waypoint.

The drone checklist

Get to know the all important to-do-list consisting of pre-flight, during flight, and post-flight items which can help you master the ability to maneuver a drone for any purpose.

The drone make-up

Learn all about the parts that make a drone and understand how it operates in the air, plus identify parts-related anomalies before and after taking flight.

Safety first

Just like anything fun, safety in drone-flying is of paramount importance as it prepares the pilot to expect the unexpected as well as maintain safety for themselves and others.

Drone in motion

Immerse in the basic principles of drone motion to equip yourself with knowledge on in-flight drone dynamics and handling the device in turbulent & calm weathers.

Taking flight

The practical flying session allows participants to put into practice all their learnings from the modules covered in the programme while being guided and evaluated by a qualified professional.

Frequently asked questions


Who is eligible to participate?

Primary and secondary school students between the ages of 7-17 years will be able to participate in the programme.


What are the fees?

Normal price is RM690, register with Iskandar Next for RM325.


How will classes be conducted?

Classes will be scheduled every month with a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 participants per class and session. Due to the current situation, classes/sessions may be conducted online. Further details will be provided from time-to-time once a participant has registered.


What are the equipment will be provided to participants?

Each participant will be provided with a free DJI Tello Drone which will be used during the course of the programme.


What are the modules taught in the programme?

The one-day course will cover topics such as:

  • Basics of drone piloting

  • Understanding drone components

  • Basic principle of drone motion

  • Before flying, during flying, and after flying to-dos

  • Drone safety rules

  • Practical flying session


What are the benefits of drones & robotics

The advancement of modern technology has shifted the way many industries operate. The use of drones and robotics has the potential to benefit industries such as agriculture and logistics. Experience in operating drones and robotics will prepare the current generation for the evolving landscape of technology and innovation.


How do I participate

Register here today to participate in the Junior Pilot Drone Programme.

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