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State-of-the-art test sites

The Drone and Robotic Zone is poised to inspire local talents to upskill themselves and make gains in the technology value chain, thus creating a more significant socio-economical impact that will empower future generations. Featuring the giant sandboxes for Drone, Robotics, and Autonomous Vehicles (AV) in Malaysia, the DRZ Iskandar test site includes a Robotics sandbox, which offers the infrastructure for the evolution of products and solutions to conduct demonstrations, and appropriate support in a safe and controlled environment.


Two (2) Drone Test Sites has been designated for DRZ, they are:

  • DTS 1 (Medini) - Up to 25 Acres for Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) Flight, and;

  • DTS 2 (IskCap) - Up to 1,700 Acres for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)


Drone Test Site (DTS) at a Glance


Who will use the DTS

  • ​Solution Providers

  • Manufacturers

  • Training Academy

  • Hobbyists


Why will they need DTS?

  • Product/Application Testing

  • Proof of Concepts (POCs)

  • Demonstration 

  • Training

  • Certifications


Value propositions & infrastructure available at DRZI DTS

  • Largest DTS in Malaysia (SEA)

  • Segregated airspace to be approved by CRAM under AIP

  • 1st BVLOS Test Site in Malaysia


What do we provide at DRZ Iskandar DTS?

1. Consulting

  • Flight Operations Advisory

  • Expedited Approvals for Testing

  • Enterprise Consulting on Drone Solutions

2. Training

  • Drone Operations Training

  • Pilot Training

3. Test Sites Services, provision of

  • Exclusive access to segregated airspace

  • Drone Command Centre

  • Standards Certification testing

  • Makers Lab/ Maintenance / workshop

  • Unmanned Traffic Management System

  • UAV insurance

  • Testing equipment (e,g wind tunnel - UTM)

  • On-site test support specialists (pilot)

  • Chase UAVs and UAVs for rent

  • Office Space

For companies intending to utilize the test sites now, you may contact the DRZ Iskandar team for help here.


Thoughtful development space

DRZ Iskandar recognises the real-life challenges of the abrupt closure of many offices and workplaces this past year, ushered in a new remote work era for thousands of employed Malaysians/Singaporeans. DRZ Iskandar test sites are covered by office spaces, co-working spaces, workspaces, training rooms, and maker labs, which are readily open to meet companies' needs and requirements.


Workspaces are developed to house staff, while co-working spaces are for short-term usage to fitted office or basic units to cater to various office requirements. Furthermore, DRZ Iskandar is planning to develop a "free commercial zone" (FCZ) to facilitate the distribution, repair, and repurposing of drone and robotic units and parts in the future.


Partnering with Common Ground on this thrilling journey, a contemporary-styled workspace, further facilitated by meeting rooms, call booths, event spaces, and lounges will be opening in January 2022, spanning two floors with 14,500 sq. ft. This will be the largest co-working venue in Johor.


Centre of commercialisation

DRZ Iskandar recognises the real-life challenges for solution providers and organisations within the industry. Hence, the birth of the Pilot & Proof of Concept (PoC) programme, which is a designated sandbox to test drone and robotics applications within a safe and controlled environment. It is a framework established for commercial and operational viability of drone and robotics technology.


The programme includes commercialisation and business matching opportunities where advisory services are provided to further product and industry development. It provides access to funding opportunities for ideation, from early stage up to growth stage within the DRZ Iskandar funding partners ecosystem. The PoCs are mainly hosted by IB Group of Companies, DHL, and Johor State Corporations & Enterprise - covering industries such as security and surveillance, smart agriculture, DC automation, logistics, inspection, and autonomous vehicles.


Harnessing talents

In the same vein as building local communities, DRZ Iskandar is committed towards developing and enhancing untapped talent capacity. Partnering with SG Academy on this exciting journey, students are bound to break boundaries and realise their true potential.


SG Academy is a TVET college which has been in operation since 1999 and has been awarded five stars by the Department of Skills Development under the Ministry of Human Resources. It is the recipient of the first digital accreditation in Asia by City & Guilds, UK Assured for drone technology prowess. The collaboration between DRZ and SG Academy offers an assortment of training courses under the Centre of Drone Excellence (CDE) programme such as Drone Technology, Mechatronic Technology, and Computer Systems.


Regional events & exposure

DRZ Iskandar has been conceptualised around the vision of becoming ASEAN’s foremost drone and robotics capital. It will host a wide array of regional events which will attract over 3,000 stakeholders from near and far - providing companies an opportunity to display their innovations to a broader spectrum of audiences.


The drone hub will feature events that are recreational-based to allow pilots of all abilities to hone their craft. The commercial selling point of this hub gives participants the opportunity to connect with stakeholders who hail from various industries. Regulatory events are also a big part of our calendar to help pilots achieve the highest standards of drone operation according to varying industry requirements.


Centre of regulations & compliance

In line with regulatory requirements, DRZ Iskandar has established itself as the center of regulatory-related activities to test, observe and discuss policies as well as regulatory matters. DRZ Iskandar works closely with regulation and authority bodies such as CAAM, MCMC and various agencies in providing awareness to the drone and robotics community.


This collaboration will result in acceleration of policy implementation of UAV in Malaysia for the purpose of developing the drone and robotics ecosystem. The programme has applied the Sandbox Approval Method which has requirements that cover Specific Operation Risk Assessment (SORA), unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM), Emergency Response Plan & Recovery (ERP), Insurance Protection, and Flight Operation Report.

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